My Love for Congress President Rahul Gandhi ji

#CongressNeedYouRahulji It was 2 years back, our Chief Ms. Divya Spandana had inform us to attend a meeting with Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi ji through then Social Convener Shri Vipin Yadav ji on 27th March,2018, I went with my friend Shri M. Ramesh and met Congress President in the meeting, He was very concerned about the issues of North East India,s youth problems, joblessness, etc. It was our first meeting, he treated us as a close friend not like a worker. He showed his simplicity, courage to fight for the truth . No leader like him is seen so far in my life. Now India needs his abilities to fight for the young India who has already injected hatred by few orthodox peoples. It is proper time unite to save our Constitution .

With Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi ji

After 2 years, I had to chance to met our Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi ji on his visit in Manipur on 20th March,2019 for Election Rally.

Imphal, 20th March with Rahul Gandhiji , Congress President

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